Author and Musician Jim CarrollJim Carroll, a renown poet, musician, and author, passed away last Friday in his home in Manhattan at the age of sixty. Carroll suffered a fatal heart attack.

Carroll, whose life was shaped by drug use, gained attention in his teenage years for his poetry, most notably in 1967 for “Organic Trains”. Carroll would continue to write and publish poetry for years to come. In 1978 Carroll pursued his interest in music and formed the punk rock band The Jim Carroll Band. The would go on to release six albums including their 1980 release “Catholic Boy”.

Carroll is possibly best known for his autobiography The Basketball Diaries, which was first published in 1978, told his life at a private school in Manhattan where he attended on a basketball scholarship. The autobiography gained even more acclaim when it hit the big screens in 1995, under the same name, and starred Leonardo DiCaprio.

While I enjoyed Carroll’s music and poetry, I will forever remember him best for his The Basketball Diaries. Reading his autobiography was a thrill, but when I saw it brought to life on the screen, I was blown away.

What will you remember Carroll best for?

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